Justine Jordan Priess | Sifted Not Stirred

Hi! I’m Justine – writer, photographer and recipe developer behind Sifted Not Stirred. Welcome to my site and I hope you find a recipe, travel idea, or inspiration to make your own life even just a little bit better. I believe that by eating (mostly) healthy food, being active, and having a positive attitude we can choose to have an amazing life.

I currently live in Okinawa, Japan with my husband Matt where we are part of the Navy Dental Corps serving the marines and their families. Many of my favorite foods are not widely available here and so I started a cooking fury in my little kitchen. I loved and admired many sites where I found new recipes so I decided to become part of the blogger community to connect with others and to encourage my own creativity. All of the photos you will find are my own and the recipes are developed by me unless otherwise noted.

Living in Japan, my husband Matt and I have had the opportunity to travel and live in a part of the world I never imagined would be part of my story. I have grown from my experiences in countless ways and write about my travels and life in Japan. Friends and strangers here constantly challenge the Western way I was raised. The cuisine here has blown my mind and many of their unique ingredients are making their way slowly into my recipes.

Some people come into your life and turn it upside down. My husband did that. You can see him in my stories, my photos, and in the title of my blog. Since he was a boy he’s loved and wanted to be like James Bond and perhaps that’s why I love him. Dashing. A little wild. Up for a challenge. Exactly how I want to be in the kitchen. James takes his martinis “shaken not stirred” and so I bring you Sifted Not Stirred. Enjoy!

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